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Reasons Lagos Is An Amazing Place To Live

Lagos is notorious for being Nigeria's most restrictive city to live in. The city brings home the crown for the city with thickly populated territories, occupied roads and monstrous congested driving conditions in Nigeria. With all these costly honors, is it really conceivable to state Lagos is an astonishing city? Obviously!

Lagos is a world-class goal, Nigeria's most astounding city that has superb shorelines, high rises, astonishing parks, best diversion alternatives, most openings for work thus significantly more. Lagos has everything to offer everyone. The city highly esteems its one of a kind encounters and inimitable vibes – where local people, prominently known as 'Lagosians' are what separate the city.

We present to you, 20 reasons why Lagos is an astounding city to live in – genuine certainties that demonstrate living in Lagos is greatly improved than living anyplace else in Nigeria.

1. Lovely shorelines

Lagos is encompassed by water bodies. In this manner, there are various beautiful sandy shorelines which are reasonable for picnics and amusement. Guests from different urban areas and even from abroad can visit these shorelines amid their excursion however the Lagosians visit at whatever point they need to have a fabulous time particularly amid the ends of the week.

2. Openings for work

Lagos is the major financial operational hub of Nigeria and whatever remains of West African sub-area. Most ventures and business endeavors in Nigeria have their central command in Lagos. The possibility of building your vocation and ascending to the apex of your picking calling is higher in Lagos than some other city in Nigeria or West Africa.

3. Energizing nightlife

Lagos has a standout amongst the most fascinating nightlife in all of Nigeria. Many shows to go to and gatherings to groove in and if cutting and celebrating isn't your thing you could simply enjoy the essence of chilled lager in a nearby bar or deplete down a glass of wine in an exemplary wine relax. There is something for everybody in Lagos Nightlife, always exciting things happening in this city.

4. Lavish inns

Lagos has a few lodgings extending from five star inns to spending inns. On the off chance that your business accomplices, family or companions visit, you require not freeze in light of the fact that there will dependably be a reasonable lodging settlement for them that will suit their class and taste.

5. Stay up with the latest with your most loved tech mark at Computer Village

Lagos with its various enterprises, 2 Seaports and an International Airport which fills in as an entryway to Nigeria is the correct area for Nigeria's innovation Market. The Lagos innovation markets situated in PC Village and Alaba International market is the greatest in Africa. Hardware and PC extras can undoubtedly be purchased in these business sectors at a moderately shabby cost as dealers from different urban areas go to these market to make buy and backpedal to exchange. Additionally elusive frill in different urban areas are promptly accessible here.

6. Get shoddy sustenance to live on

High cost of house lease in Lagos has over advertised, however all is in understanding that nourishment is modest in Lagos. Horticultural create from various parts of Nigeria are conveyed to Lagos, additionally all transported in nourishment into the nation go through Apapa Port in Lagos before making a beeline for different goals. So in spite of the city's extensive populace, sustenance stays less expensive than in other Nigerian urban communities as the supply is higher than request.

7. Investigate the road looks for your residential needs

Lagos has been portrayed as the city that never dozes. When you are living in Lagos you could purchase from the road shop whenever be it early morning or late night. You will discover Aboki with little booth offering an assortment of family unit things by the road corner. You will likewise discover drug store stores and so forth even by midnight.

8. Get engaged with Nollywood motion pictures

Lagos is the home to Nigeria's blasting motion picture industry prominently known as Nollywood. The second greatest film industry on the planet after Hollywood; occupants of this city not just get the chance to watch their most loved motion picture stars on TV, they likewise get the opportunity to see them off TV. Going to see a motion picture in one of the silver screens is one way Lagosians spend their sentimental end of the week. Also, obviously in the event that you want a profession in the Nollywood, you needn't bother with a diviner to reveal to you that Lagos is astonishing city to live.

9. Lagos is the portal to other West Africa nations

Considering crossing the outskirt? Lagos has a land outskirt to Benin Republic through which you can go to numerous other West African nations like Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and so forth by street. With free development of staff among West African nations, living arrangement of Lagos execute their organizations over these nations effortlessly.

10. Worldwide city

With extensive worldwide and household economies behind Lagos, it has turned out to be one of the best worldwide monetary focuses in Africa. You will locate a substantial populace of nationals of all nations of the world in the city. High total assets people and chiefs and leaders in Nigeria live in Lagos, while multinational organizations have their branch workplaces in this city. When you live in Lagos you are a worldwide subject tuned in to the cutting edge world.

11. Energizing attractions

Close to its lovely sandy shorelines Lagos has a few attractions among which are the Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens, National Arts Theater, Terra Culture and some more. When you live in Lagos, you won't spend an excessively high price to visit these attractions at whatever point you have to visit these astonishing attractions.

12. Get your oddity on at owambe parties

Lagos parties are extremely bright and one of a kind; the in vogue garments, grouped sort of nourishments, huge social affair of loved ones. Lagos end of the week parties prominently known as 'Owambe' parties are among the grooviest gatherings around the world. When you are live in Lagos you will dependably end up in one of the gatherings moving, drinking, eating and celebrating with loved ones. "Lagosians" as the city inhabitants call themselves are upbeat individuals; discouraged individuals are never found in Lagos.

13. Get your petitions replied in the Holy city

With a huge number of guests yearly, thronging to the Redemption Camp, Prayer City, Synagogue Church of all Nations, Winners Chapel prevalently known as 'Shiloh' and numerous different houses of worship, Lagos can be depicted as "the Jerusalem of Africa". The home have general access to these sacred grounds that nonnative spend such a great amount to set their foot in.

14. Simple access to subjective training

Lagos is home to a portion of the best essential and auxiliary schools in the nation, both open and private. When you dwell in Lagos, giving your youngsters quality training isn't a considerable undertaking. Lagos is likewise home to numerous trustworthy open and private colleges, which make access to tertiary training less demanding in the city.

15. Huge and open market for your products and ventures

The number of inhabitants in Lagos is assessed to be around 21 million. This incorporates individuals of every single monetary stratum with popularity for both purchaser and modern merchandise. In the event that you have items to offer or administrations to render and benefit is one of your thought processes, Lagos is city to live in.

16. Nearness of universal airplane terminal and ocean port

When you live in Lagos, you are associated with the world, there is a worldwide air terminal and you can book flights to any city on the planet and fly out to your goal inside the briefest conceivable time. Additionally with nearness of two ocean ports, you could arrange for products from any piece of the world and it will land at your do venture immediately.

17. Stimulation capital of Africa

Lagos is the central command of stimulation in Africa. Most the well known artists in Nigeria are situated in Lagos. The same is valid for the phenomenal comics. The greater parts of the record names that deliver and oversee universal stars are additionally situated in Lagos. On the off chance that you have ability and you need to end up plainly a star, Lagos is the best city for you to live in.

18. Delectable avenues nourishments

Lagos road nourishments have an unmistakable flavor that will be hard to go anyplace. The most well known and delectable grill meat, known as Suya can be found at relatively every side of the city. Likewise, the well known 'Agege' Bread can be additionally be found in the city of Lagos. Lagosians trust that Ewa Aganyin and Agege bread for breakfast taste superior to burger. There other road nourishments like Akara, Boli, Puff, Abacha, Agbo jedi and some more.

19. Talking day by day vernacular – Pidgin English

Pidgin English is the Nigerian basic dialect of articulation, which everybody can talk and get it. Close to Warri and Port Harcourt, Lagos is where Pidgin English is the main dialect of correspondence. The dialect breaks ethnic boundaries and is intriguing to speak in.

20. Every day Lagos scenes

Lagos is a city loaded with parody that you can never involvement in some other city. The comic drama is woven into regular daily existence and city's every day scenes. The vehicle hustles, the road sellers, Agbero and transport conductors yelling goal names – "Oshodi" each with his own unmistakable interesting tune, fabulous road move exhibitions and considerably more. The Lagos every day scenes is one reason Lagosians are cheerful individuals.

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